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堪培拉essay代写 减压方法(一)ways to relieve pressure (一)

In modern society, pressure isubiquitous. As students, we have to endure the pressure from examination, fromhomework and from our parents’ expectations.As workers, people are faced with the pressure fromdeadline, from difficulties and from finance and so on. Here I would like togive some suggestions about relieving pressure.


First of all, to confide to others is anefficient way for relieving pressure. When we feel so anxious and worried thatwe cannot continue to work or study, go to talk with our friends or familymembers and we will get some relief and feel better. Second, to do someexercises is another way to relieve pressure. If we are under pressure for along time, doing some exercises can make us refreshed and regain power tocontinue our task. Finally, another common way for women to relieve pressure isto cry. The effect of crying is the similar as the effect of confiding toothers. After crying, we would find that we are relaxed and then we have spiritto fight against difficulties again.


In a word, there are many ways to relieveour pressure. But the most important point is that if we cannot solve theproblem at once, we need to call off our attention from the pressure we arefaced with to other things. Only in this way we would not be entangled with thepressure for a long time. 


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