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堪培拉论文代写 语言的力量 the power of word

As it is known to all, the powerof words can be equal to a gun. When you say something ill to someone else, you’re,to some extent, setting up a destructive relationship with him. Instead, if youinspire others by uplifting words, the contribution to strengthen yourfriendship can be significant. However, whether the words are anti-ear or not,there is no doubt that they do succeed in making their way to impress you atall times.

众所周知,语言的力量等同于一把枪。在你对别人说一些不好的话时,在某一程度上,你和他就建立了一个消极 的关系。相反,如果你用一些令人振奋的话鼓舞他的话,对加强你们的友谊有着显著的贡献。然而,不管语言是否中听,毫无疑问,他们总是能让你成功的表达自己。

Personally, there are specificwords that impress me a lot. It’s the final exam in junior high school. Unfortunately,I failed though I had made a good preparation before it. I never knew whetherothers laughed at me at that time. What aroused me, though, were the words frommy classmates–It never rains, but it pours–from which I benefit a lot. Iguess that it’s his inspiring words that set off my inner motivation to feelgood about myself again.


From my own perspective,realizing that we human beings are in need of positive reinforcement, I attachgreat importance to speaking inspiring words whenever it is needed.


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