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根据2012年伦敦奥运会的经济影响亚当·布莱克2005/5在奥运前的阶段(2005 – 2011)。一个相对较小的遗留影响也发生,推动国际旅游人数和消费。其他行业的经验小总值增加附加值在奥运会前阶段,如酒店(£5400万)、酒吧(£3700万),餐馆(£3700万)和航空运输(£3700万)。这些行业获得通过遗留的效果和经验适度增加就业这一时期,例如2554 FTE创建工作在酒店,2094年1811年在酒吧和餐馆。赛后时期2013 – 2016的特点是遗留效应,增加来自海外的旅游需求。这也是一段时间,因为有更少的压力比之前的价格,在2012年期间,消费者选择减少储蓄,增加消费,2012年之前奥运会提高资本回报率和增加价格,导致一个小转向储蓄和投资。


The major impact of Olympic Games 2012 on economy as a whole will be observed when the hospitality industry will be able to derive long running benefit from and after Olympics 2012, in proportion to the spending made for infrastructural development with respect to Olympics 2012.This benefit should be widespread not only during the games also in the post game period. In order to achieve this benefit the expenditure and spending of the tourists should be accurately converted into income and employment in the hospitality industry that is the cost-cutting and budget should be well planned to provide the best standards with the affordable price. The Olympics Games with the associated facilities should be promoted in such a manner that they must act as “Winter Fuel” for the hospitality industry. Even after the games the spirit should be on that is there should be consistent flow of tourist.

According to the Economic Impact of the London 2012 Olympics Adam Blake 2005/5 in the pre-Olympics phase (2005-2011).A relatively small legacy effect also takes place, with a boost to international tourism arrivals and spending. Other sectors experience smaller increases in gross value added in the pre- Olympics phase, such as hotels (£54 million), Bars (£37 million), Restaurants (£37 million) and air transport (£37 million). These sectors gain through the legacy effect, and experience modest increases in employment in this period, for example 2,554 FTE jobs are created in hotels, 2,094 in Bars and 1,811 in restaurants. The post-Games period 2013-2016 is characterized by the legacy effect, with increased tourism demand from overseas. It is also a period in which, because there is less pressure on prices than prior to and during 2012, consumers choose to save less and consume more; prior to 2012 the Olympics raise returns to capital and increase prices, which induces a small shift towards savings and investment.

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