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留学文书代写 玩电脑游戏的利弊the advantage and disadvantage of playing computer games

When referring to computer games, mostadults always do not very happy. As there are so many examples that teenagershave lost themselves in front of computer games, so some adults do not like it,even look down upon it. However, there is another voice support computer games.As for me, I stand in the middle place. I think computer games have both advantagesand disadvantage.


On the one hand, as computer games are theproduct of high-tech, they bring wonderful entertainment to our human beings,which make our life much more colorful. Through the human history, what peopleplay in the old times is very simple and boring. But now computer games arevery interesting. What’s more, playing computer games is helpful for mankind todevelop their intelligence and enlarge their vision, because playing computergames needs thinking and will contact the knowledge of various fields.


On the other hand, computer games are easyfor people to be addicted in it. As mention above, it is high- tech product thatwill attract people’s attention as easy as ABC. In fact, it is reallyinteresting and charming. So, many people, especially teenagers are easily trappedand unable to extricate themselves. Therefore, in orderto play computer games, many teenagers do not go to school to have class. Theirbehavior will destroy their future. In addition, playing computer games costslots of money in the long term.


To sum up, computer games bring good andbad for human beings nowadays. Just the saying says,” every coin has two sides.”We can not define one thing only by one aspect.


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