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伦敦代写assignment 制止校园暴力 stop the school violence

As weall know, the situation of school violence most appears in high school, becausethe students are in the age of rebellious phase. But recently, the schoolviolence situation is increasing rapidly with a trend of small age amongprimary and secondary school students. The reason why students become moreaggressive than before, I think both parents and school are lay responsibilityat this.


Inthe first place, some parents spoiled their child so much that they won’t letother child to hurt their baby a little bit. And they always teach their childto strive for what they want, but they usually didn’t tell them the exactly rightway to achieve their goal. As a result, child chooses the most direct way toget what they want, like use violence. This is a consequence that kids doingsomething without their parent are the right guidance.


Inthe second place, most schools focus on the teaching quality too much; hence,they ignore the mental growth of the students. Compare to the studentachievement, the bully case really doesn’t seem so important, as long as it isnot so serious. As a matter of fact, the abuser will become more violent if noone stops them, at the same time, the victim will become weaker or they mightalso become an abuser to bully the one who are weaker than them.


To speak frankly, only when parents andteachers pay more attention to the mental growth of children and stop theschool violent in time, can the problem be solved in near future.


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