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论文代写 电脑是否让人们觉得孤独? whether computer makes people isolated

Theemergence of computer brings great changes to modernpeople’ life, only move fingers, we could understand the latest information ofthe world. Computer could deal with a lot of things for us, such as financialmanagement, office work, making friends. However, with the widespread use of much communicationsoftware like micro blog, QQ, some people think computer reduces the chance forpeople to communicate face-to-face, and makes people feel lonely. For the opinion,I disagree.


Firstof all, a lot of people are addicted to the computer;they like to watch TV, play online games instead of going out with friends. Formany young people, after school or work, the first thing they are going to dois open computer. Virtual world brings greater emptiness, so the more people obsessionwith computers the more loneness they will feel. However, the development ofscience and technology is a two-edged weapon, which inevitably has advantageand disadvantage. Computer just is a communication tool. It can’t be used as anexcuse of making people lonely. It provides us more opportunity to get in touchwith people from all walks of society, as long as open a computer, people can chatwith others. But if a person doesn’t want to get along with others, even if he communicateswith others face to face, he will never eliminate loneliness.


To sum up, the reason why people feel lonely is mixtureof many causes, if there is no computer and network, we actually feel even moreisolated.


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