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论文引言 推迟退休年龄之我见my view on delaying retirement age

Nowadays, Delay retirement age is the hot spot of people’s attention. Whether to delay retirement or not is related to everyone’s vital interests. It’s also a major policy decision of our country. The latest regulation of Delay Retirement Age of 2013: will set a few years grace period to promote delay retirement gradually. Some people agree this decision, but more people don’t agree. These two kinds of attitude have a great contrast. In my view, we should take this view into two sides.

On the one hand, the laborer is the majority in our country, so most people don’t agree delay retirement is reasonable. Some workers hard work a lifetime but has no rest, they have no legal holiday; they have to work every day. They think delaying retirement age is unreasonable and unfair.  What they want most is retirement early, because they don’t have good work situation and they work ability is limited. And, they may don’t have healthy body when they get older. Some jobs don’t need the olds, those jobs have more request for age and physical condition. So they think to stay on the job is not appropriate for them, because they couldn’t do more contribution for the job.

On the other hand, for those who are highly educated talents should delay retirement to prevent the waste of talent resources. In our country, Dr’s Average age was 30 to begin work. Relative to those who work in less than 20 workers, they have shorter work life a lot. The different nature of work, should not retire at the same time. Like Dr, they are talent, they are highly skilled, and they have high professional qualification. They delay retirement is not only beneficial to the state, but also use their intelligence fully.


From what has been discussed above, the Delay retirement age is the Trend of The Times. We need to stand on a different worker’s perspective on the issue. There are two sides and two kinds of different sounds of this major decision. It still needs to continue to improve.


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