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论文摘要怎么写 为何肢体语言如此重要 why body language is important

When you learn a foreign language,you must learn more than the vocabulary and the grammar. To communicatesuccessfully, you must also learn the non-verbal language, or “body language”of that culture. “Body language” is a term used to describe facial expression,gestures, and other movements of the body that send messages. This means ofcommunication is so important that we may actually say more with our movementsthan with words.

        For some messages, words are not enough. Speaking a foreign language issometimes difficult because we may not understand the non-verbal signals ofanother culture. For example, nodding the head up and down is a gesture thatmay communicate different messages in different parts of the world. In NorthAmerica, it means “I agree”. In the Middle East, nodding the head down means “Iagree” and up means “I disagree”. In a conversation among Japanese it oftensimply means “I’m listening”.

        Eye contact is also very meaningful, but it can also mean different things indifferent countries. In some Spanish-speaking countries, children show respectto an old person by not looking directly into the person’s eye during aconversation. In other cultures, looking into a person’s eye is expected. Forexample, if you don’t do it in the United States, people may think that you areafraid, embarrassed, or angry. In the Middle East, direct eye contact in aconversation is more continuous than in many other parts of the world. Peoplewho are not used to this may feel uncomfortable.