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洛杉矶assignment代写 维护网络安全 internet security

Recently, the news that U.Sattack on China’s Internet is always exposed. And the question of how to stayonline safely raises a lot of discussion in our country. As a result, in theera of rapid development of network, we must take measures to protect oursecurity of privacy and property effectively.


From my perspective, in the firstplace, we should call attention to our personal information. Not only do we notoffer them at random in some strange websites, but we need to distinguish rightfrom wrong among the numerous websites. Furthermore, it is inevitable that somesecure anti-virus soft wares can be installed. And it will make it possible forthat network can run more steadily. In addition to doing some work byourselves, the government needs to draw up some policies to preserve nationalcyber security. It involves probing for deeply rooted reasons, devisingcreative solutions, developing high-tech talents and strengthening thesupervision.


Although scientists still cannotovercome the problem completely, they are studying a great deal about how toprotect our national cyber security. However, consciousness of cyber securityshould not decline. Only in this way, we just enjoy the convenience brought bythe network.


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