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麦考瑞论文代写 春节禁放烟花鞭炮the spring festival banned fireworks

根据所给内容给某报社编辑写封信, 内容关于“春节禁放焰火”的讨论和你看法、建议。

Dear Editor,


I’m writing to tell you about our discussion on setting off fireworks. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of setting off fireworks during the festivals, especially in the Spring Festival. 25 girls and 25 boys attended the discussion. As a result, 50% of them believe that setting fireworks certainly adds pleasure and joy to the festival; therefore, it is a wonderful tradition. And at the same time, we must protect our traditional holidays. But another 40% students argue that setting fireworks causes air and noise pollution, and what’s worse, it sometimes causes terrible accidents to us and to our property. The other 10% have never thought about it or don’t care a bit.

我写信告诉你我们对燃放烟花爆竹的讨论。我们讨论节日期间燃放烟花爆竹的优缺点,特别是在春节期间。 25女孩和25男孩参加了讨论。结果,其中50%的人认为放烟花增添一定的节日快乐和喜悦,因此,它是一个美妙的传统。同时,我们必须保护我们的传统节日。但是,另外40%的学生认为,放烟花爆竹造成空气和噪音污染,更糟糕的是,它有时会对我们和我们的财产导致可怕的意外。其他10%的人从来没有想过这个问题,或不一点也不在意。

In my opinion, setting fireworks should be limited to certain areas and time.


I don’t like setting off fireworks at random at any time and any places, because it is noisy and dangerous to kids. I think the best way is the government or some related organization setting off fireworks at certain place at certain time.


Thus it can avoid the above disadvantages,

Yours truly



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