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The theories of consumer decision-making process presuppose that a consumer’s decision to purchase process involves steps by which the buyer passes in buying a commodity. Though, this must not be the case. Not all consumer pass through all the stages when deciding to buy. Otherwise, some of the stages can be assumed depending on the sort of purchases.

The main purpose for the learning of consumer’s helps organizations and firms. Get better of their marketing strategies by considering cases such as: The psychology of how customers believe, feel, reason, and choose among different alternatives, how the customer is subjected by her or his environment, and the behavior of clients when buying or making other marketing decisions. Precincts in consumer information or information processing capabilities influence decision and market result, how consumers’ decision strategies and motivation vary between commodities that vary in their height of interest or importance that they involve for the customer. Finally, marketers adjust and get better their marketing strategies and marketing campaigns to efficiently reach the buyer.

The psychologist Maslow came up with a hypothesis dealing with the pecking order of human needs. Marketing is not essential to human survival; hence your services may not be either. Though, whatsoever you are presenting, will belong into one of the categories Maslow has discussed in his hierarchy of wants. Therefore it is easy to market to your prospects if you know the need you are dealing with.

Level one on Maslow’s hierarchy deals with physiological wants. These are mainly the basic requirements that dictate human survive. They include food, water, shelter, and oxygen. All along with sleep, activity and other unavoidable human being functions. If your product or service appeals to basic needs, your main predicament is persuading customers to purchase from you in place of your competitor. Each one needs food, so why should customers be willing to purchase lunch at your café instead of another? Maybe you have fair prices, improved quality, quicker service, or a much relaxed environment than the other has.