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In today’s age companies are spending lakhs of rupees in booking commercial spots for advertising. A 10 second ad during the Indian Premier League was priced at 10 lakhs rupees. One lakh rupees per second. The marketing guru Al Ries released a book titled “The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR” (2002). This book talks about how the traditional advertising industry is taking a backseat and public relations is picking pace as a tool for brand building. The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of public relations relative to traditional advertising during the introduction of a new brand.

Companies today spend a large amount of money in booking commercial spots in television, buying radio time, developing attractive packaging, putting up their names on stadiums etc. Sports events, for example Cricket, as in India have turned into more of expensive beauty pageants for agencies which aim at putting up their creative advertisements on display rather than appreciating the launch of new brands.

Coca Cola’s former Chief Marketing Officer released a book “The End of Marketing as we know it” (2002) in which he argues that conventional advertising in which there are thirty second TV commercials does not work anymore and it is a massive waste of one’s money and could even result in the colossal destruction of the brand image. According to him, advertising is not just limited to TV commercials. Branding, sponsorships, publicity, customer service etc. all come under the hood of advertising. Whatever a company has done or is doing tells something about its brand image to the present and future customers.