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墨尔本assignment代写 善意的谎言 white lie

Everyone learning English knows what a white lie means, but since it is a lie, it has always been a controversial topic. A case in point is when a patient is suffering an incurable illness, should the doctor or the other people inform the patient of the truth?


People who against this insist that the patients should be informed the true information about their illness, so that they can make proper decision according to their health. And the laws entitle people to know the truth which concerns themselves, so telling them a lie in fact invades their legal right.


Contrary to the above belief, some people hold that a white lie is t acceptable. They worry about that if the patient was told the true about their condition, it will risks destroying their hope, which will make the situation even worse, they might refuse to receive treatment or commit suicide. Therefore, we should keep the true to ourselves.


As far as I’m concerned, whether people should tell a white lie or not depends on what kind of person the patient is. If the patient has a strong will to live and has positive attitude, telling them the truth will be helpful to the treatment. But if the patient is the opposite, we had better not do so. To conclude, no matter the white lie is acceptable nor not, we should keep in mind that the information should be conveyed in a humane way.


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