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汉堡王是一个全球连锁快餐店在美国成立于1955年在佛罗里达州由大卫·艾顿和詹姆斯McLamore。到2011年,12400个国家的12400家被打开汉堡王包括新西兰。自1955年开放以来汉堡王的菜单已经从基本的薯条,汽水,奶昔,汉堡更多样化和啤酒的一组产品。在2002年至2010年之间,汉堡王有针对性的大型产品,进行大量的不健康的脂肪- 34男性人口。2011年汉堡王离开了面向男性的菜单新菜单项包装和产品新处方(免费的百科全书,2012)。汉堡王特许经营是一种扩大的方式操作。汉堡王作为一个特许人制定精确的程序和规则对其他特许经营商。实现销量增长相关的汉堡王与跨国扩张本身对于大型饱和市场(很容易)。



Burger King is a global chain fast food restaurant which was founded in 1955 in United Sates in Florida owned by David Edgerton and James McLamore. By the year 2011, 12,400 outlets were opened by Burger King in 73 countries including New Zealand. Since its opening in 1955 the menu for the Burger King has evolved from basic offering of French fries, sodas, milkshakes, and burgers to more diverse and lager set of products. Between 2002 and 2010, Burger King targeted large products that carried large amounts of unhealthy fats to 18-34 male demographic. In 2011 Burger King moved away from male oriented menu to new menu items with packing and product reformulations (The Free Encyclopedia, 2012). Burger Kings franchise is one of the means of expanding its operation. Burger King acts as a franchisor laying down precisely procedures and rules for other franchisee to follow. To achieve volume growth Burger King associated itself with multinational expansion for a large saturated market place (Made Easy).

Burger King is ranked second next to McDonald’s in terms of size and number of stores but their brand name is the most widely-recognized brands in the world which sets them apart from their competitor. Burgers Kings innovative and more food menu choices help them to be competitive in the market and maintain the customer it has. The main menu Burger King has is French Fries, cheeseburgers, and chicken and fish sandwiches, breakfast items, hamburger, onions rings, soft drinks, salads, desserts and etc. (Made Easy).

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