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墨尔本代写assignment 抵制日货 is it good to boycott the japanese goods

As the history between Chinese and Japaneseand the issue happened on Diaoyu Island recently, some Chinese people appeal toboycott Japanese goods. Is it right to boycott Japanese products? Different peoplemay have different opinions. I think it’s not necessary to resist Japanesegoods. My reasons are as follows.


First of all, the boycott of Japanesecommodity will do harm to the economic of our country. Any import business willpromote the economic circulation of China, which means make money for China. Accordingto the procedure of Chinese economy, we find that the import and exportbusiness have made so many contribution to our economic. Meawhile, if we resistJapanese goods, they will return blow for blow. As a result, our export will beinfluenced.


Secondly, due to the globalization oftrade, some ordinary people have partiality for Japanese products. If thosegoods are banned, their life will have dramaticly change. They will feel veryunconvenient or even afraid to choose brands in the later life. In some extent,this samll decision will destroy some people’s life.


The last but least is that we should loveour country in proper way. Against to boycott the Japanese goods does meansbetray our country. We should support our governments to deal with the problemin their way, instead of doing such childlish thing.


In general, look before you leap. Theboycott of Japanese products is not a wise decision for our Chinese.




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