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当移民率在上世纪80年代迅速增加,大量的南亚移民试图在城市如宾顿和米西索加定居。在这一趋势中,很多新来的人需要在寻找工作和定居在社区的支持。这是一组不同的人员决定在Brampton建立一个多元文化社区中心为了满足人们的某种需要。学校多元文化社区中心成立于1987,是一个非营利组织,帮助新移民定居和融入社会。1987,这一切都开始在志愿者管理程序的志愿者参与各种项目如移民安置与适应亲(ISAP),求职工作坊(JSW)和多元文化的聚落与教育合作伙伴(美国)。Neeru Singal还提到,志愿者是他们组织的骨干,他们被称为创造客户的生活产生积极的影响。学校多元文化社区中心慢慢推行新移民安置计划(NSP)和社会服务计划(SSP)为了扩大他们的服务和连接的人。这个社区中心目前有约十个计划,包括老年人服务和医疗筛选。

Neeru Singal还提到,该组织的口号是“以人为本,建设社区”解释时,我问的主要目的,一切。这个组织的使命宣言是提高新来者的能力,让他们在他们的社区更有效地参与。因此,通过实施更多的计划,社区中心将吸引更多的新来者参与,并利用免费服务,正在提供。该组织的愿景声明是加强结算部门的能力,并认为他们在未来是一个强大的社区。为了达到他们的目标,他们计划与其他服务供应商和组织合作伙伴相互支持。他们还希望与其他社区演员一起工作,以发展新来的现有的技能和人才,并将他们放置在加拿大的工作场所。该组织的运作方式是将程序和服务划分成不同的类别(在组织框架中解释),其中大部分致力于新的社区参与,并制定一个整体政策,这是由工作人员。为了任何组织有效地运作,工作人员需要咨询和有开放的沟通与董事会所有的时间。



When the immigration rates were increasing rapidly in the 1980s, a large number of South Asian immigrants were trying to settle in cities such as Brampton and Mississauga. During this trend, a lot of newcomers needed support in finding jobs and settle in the community. This is when a group of diverse professionals decided to establish a multicultural community center in Brampton in order to meet certain needs of the people. Brampton Multicultural Community Center was established in 1987 as a non-profit organization in order to help newcomers settle and integrate in the society. In 1987, it all started with volunteers in volunteer management program who were involved in a variety of programs such as the Immigrant Settlement & Adaptation Pro (ISAP), the Job Search Workshops (JSW) and Multicultural Settlement & Education Partnership (MSEP). Neeru Singal has mentioned that volunteers are a backbone of their organization and they are known for creating a positive impact in their client’s lives. Brampton Multicultural Community Center slowly implemented Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) and Social Service Program (SSP) in order to expand their services and connect people. This community center currently has about ten programs including services for seniors and medical screening.

Neeru Singal has mentioned that the organization’s motto “connecting people, build communities” explains everything when I asked about the main purpose. The mission statement for this organization is to enhance the capacity of newcomers to let them participate more effectively in their communities. Therefore, by implementing more programs, the community center will attract more newcomers to get involved and take advantage of free services that are being offered. The vision statement of this organization is to strengthen the capacity of the settlement sector and see them as a strong community in future. In order to reach their objective, they plan to partner with other service providers and organizations to mutually support each other. They also want to work together with other community actors to develop the newcomer’s existing skills and talents and position them in Canadian workplaces. The way this organization operates is by dividing the programs and services offered into different categories (explained in organizational framework) most of them dedicated to newcomer community engagement and setting an overall policy which is being followed by the staff. In order for any organization to function effectively, the staff needs to consult and have open lines of communication with the board all the time.

Hence, this is what this organization is exactly doing. They work collaboratively with the board and host additional programs and events every week such as the YMCA Brampton newcomer program, free medical clinic for low income individuals and families, free tax clinics, tours and multicultural events on top of all the regular programs and services they offer. By engaging newcomers actively in these events and getting support from the regional government (Region of Peel) and the federal government (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), the organization is well set towards achieving their mission statement.

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