Monash莫纳什代写assignment 孩子们,如何使用压岁钱呢?kids, how would you deal with your lucky money

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Kids would be overexcited during Spring Festival, for the simple reason that they would receive “lucky money”from their parents as well as other elderships. According to ancient custom, the elder generations put a certain number of money in a red envelope, and give it to the children of the family, wishing that the children would grow up healthily and happily.

How to reasonably deal with those “lucky money”is a serious question for parents and children alike. As far as I am concerned, two ways below are worth to be considered.

One sensible way is to save the money for higher education. With the development of economic and urbanization, the competition is becoming more and fiercer. The demand of people with high degree is increasing, which means, the threshold for a “white-collar”job is higher and higher. Therefore, accepted into a college is viewed as a necessary and an initial step for a good job. Given the increasing cost of college education and postgraduate education, saving the “lucky money”is at least an economic guarantees for higher education.
一种明智的做法是把钱存起来用于高等教育。随着经济的发展以及城市化进程的加快,市场竞争日趋激烈。对于高学历人才的要求日益增加,这就意味着, “白领”的门槛是越来越高了。因此,上过大学被认为是好工作的必要步骤。鉴于大学教育和研究生教育成本的增加,把“压岁钱”存起来至少是对高等教育的一个经济保障。

The other way is investing, and by investing I do not mean buy stocks or bonds, but investing in self-improvement. For example, purchasing some books, literature, politic, philosophy, whatever you like. As Bacon said, “reading makes a full man”, investing in books you are interested in would expand your knowledge and improve your attainment. However, not only books could attribute to self-improvement, art and sports or other skills could also do. Invest some money to learn piano, guitar, etc.; or to learn dancing, swimming, tennis…Or just to learn how to drive is a worthwhile acquirement.

All in all, you could name other good ways to use“lucky money” of course, as long as it is worthwhile, and saving for education and investing in self-improvement are definitely among them.
总之,当然,只要是值得的,你也可以列出其他使用“压岁钱”的好方法,为教育存钱,为自我提高而投资肯定是其中之一。如果您在墨尔本读书,需要代写服务,可以联系我们的客服,或查看 墨尔本论文代写