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Starvation, disease and death, just as the role of disease in famine mortality, the original statements of analysis emphasized in many cases in many under development countries cause of famine. If we are try to understand famine, it is important to re-establish some of the complexity of famine causes. Accordingly, the proximate causes of famine depend on the belief in a distinct research agenda depends on four basic elements are: 1.Relationship between culture and development. 2. Relationships among value and attitudes, policies, and institutions. 3. Cultural transmission. 4. Assessing measurement (Harrison & Huntington, 2001). The culture matter means significant role to leading a country. However, because culture and economic performance are linked, the balance between each other should be well coherent very well.

Production responses to the threat of food shortage, and the way production failures contribute to the weakness have often been analyzed significant issue and cause in famine. The link between food crisis and famine mortality is not a direct issue causes by starvation, but an indirect reason in which social and economic breakdown and disorder play a key role. Furthermore, in Chapter one “Culture matter” illustrated that many of the external sources of advantage of a nation’s firms have been canceled by inner conflicts and many countries frequently focused on the importance of a sound macroeconomic, political, and legal environment. For instance, the role of government in productivity is more indirect than in other conceptions of competitiveness.

The government’s responsibility is beginning with creating a steadier and divinable economic, political, and environment, in which companies can establish the long-term strategic decisions and available to advance productivity. In addition, government must ensure that high-quality factors are available to firms; establish complete rules and motives governing competition that encourage the growth of productivity; facilitate and strengthen positive development; and cultivate a positive, characteristic, and long-term economic promoting program for the country that organizes from citizens, business, institution and government. Generally, like government and institutions, such as universities, high standards agencies and industry groups should cooperate with each other, which confirm the business environment fosters rising productivity.

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