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Li Yang, we know him as the founder of Crazy English, he was in the limelight few years ago, but now he is jump into the public eye again, for claiming himself as a spokesman of domestic violence. He make no secret of hitting his wife and said he would shot her if he had a gun in a speech. What was astonishing is, the listener applause after he said that. This behavior can be considered as a support for domestic violence, which I can’t agree with.

Firstly, as to the Li Yang’s statement, his wife had said something bad about China, which has ruin his ability of tolerance. Therefore, his use violence to stop this. In my point of view, people once get married, they should understand each other, especially for mixed marriage. If their opinions diverge from each other, they should work it out in a peaceful way, not in a violent way. The worst as well as the best way is divorce.

Secondly, domestic violence gets anything good for family. Regardless the emotion break due to the violence, if it get worse, bone broken could be happen. What’s more, if the family have child, parents quarrel or fight in front of their children, there is no doubt that the child will have an unforgettable childhood phobia, it’s probably that he or she will become a violent people. Therefore, couples should control their hot temper, and have a chill mind when they about to quarrel.

To speak frankly, we should against domestic violence. No matter who did the wrong thing or said the wrong word, violence can’t be the solution. We should feel shame about Li Yang’s statement of becoming a spokesman of domestic violence.

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