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Yuki midorikawa is one of my favorite Japanese cartoonists. Most of her works are short stories, ingeniously designed,and animation is filled with a touch of sadness. So she has many fans.


Through her works, my favorite one is Xiamuyourenzhang.


The comic book  mainly talks about that the hero Xiamuguizhi has a special ability to see the bogies. He is unsociable because his parents are dead. And he often lives in his relatives' home when he is a little boy and his friends at his age always tease him because he has a special ability. Although he experiences many unfortunate things, he is still very kind and without complaint at anyone. Eventually he is adopted by a couple who is very friendly and let him go to high school. One day, He is pursued by a bogie and hid in a shrine. He breaks a powerful bogie‘s seal whose name is Ban. And that involves her grandmother Xiamulingzi’s  relics--a contract that sigh with the bogies. Since then, this powerful bogie turns itself into a cat in daily life to stay with Xiamu to protect him with the condition that Xiamu should give the contract to it after he die. But before that Xiamu decides to try his best to give the name in the contracts to the bogies and let them get free. Thus, a loving, touching, scary story is opened up.


In addition, yuki midorikawa has another special work called Yinghuozhisen is also really moving ,sad and beautiful. I suggest that you all can watch it when you have free time.


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