Philosophy assignment 代写:Gender Being An Issue Of Society

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Philosophy assignment 代写:Gender Being An Issue Of Society


在书的开头(5页139行451 d),Socrates问Glaucon如果女性应Â只能呆在家里照顾家或是下一个在他的一举一动她丈夫。Â格劳孔的心态是关于性别的分离暗示女性弱小的动物和人是他的回应Socrates强大的动物。苏格拉底不同意Glaucon的回答,当他提到在452行,如果女人教男人一样的因此他们就能完成同样的任务。这表明,Plato赞成男女平等。

的一个理由是Plato利用这段本身就是教育在社会中的重要性。如果女人得到和男人一样的教育,他们应该能够成为男人的守护者。教育被用来作为平等的一个关键。受教育的Plato指的是灵魂和身体。没有灵魂,心灵无法运作,反之亦然。苏格拉底还主张一个事实,即老年妇女不应该单独留在这个过程中(452 B)。虽然Plato是为平等而战,他也表明,年龄是不是一个因素,应该阻止人们做体育活动(452)。


Philosophy assignment 代写:Gender Being An Issue Of Society

In a society where gender is an issue, Plato did not hesitate to include women in his ideal city. His belief about women contributing to the good of the city was greatly shown in his book "The Republic". Women back then did not have a voice, but it was an exceptional move by Plato to accentuate on the importance of women in society. Plato was aware of the status of women, but that did not stop him from allowing them to be part of a movement or may I call emancipation.

At the beginning of book 5 (on page 139 line 451 D), Socrates asks Glaucon if females should be  only allowed to stay home and take care of the house or be next to her husband in his every move.  Glaucon's mind set was about the separation of gender by implicating women are weaker animal and men are stronger animals in his response to Socrates. Socrates disagreed with Glaucon's answer as he mentioned on line 452 A that if women are taught the same as men therefore they will be able to complete the same tasks. This shows already that Plato was in favor of equality among both sexes.

One of the justifications Plato was using in this paragraph itself is the importance of education in society. If women are getting the same education as men, they should be able to be guardians as men. Education was used as a key for equality. By education Plato is referring to the soul and the body. The mind cannot function without the soul and vice versa. Socrates also advocates the fact that old women should not be left alone in the process also (452 b). Even though Plato was fighting for equality, he also shows that ageism is not a factor that should block people from doing physical activities (452 b).

Being a guard is a profession. Women should be able to be warriors first before becoming philosophers through education. The body is what makes a person. You learn through your body as your soul is developing. Plato was trying to convey that you have to be tough to be a guardian (body wise) which is the reason he mentioned exercising as a weapon to physically fit. It also will motivate self control as the mind is getting warmed up in this process. Everything Plato mentioned is a chaining process.