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母爱剥夺假说的鲍尔比(1953),`婴儿和儿童的母亲的爱是心理健康的维生素和蛋白质对身体健康一样重要。` Bowlby指出一系列抗议脱离绝望的儿童依恋分离后。

约翰·鲍比出生在伦敦的约翰·波尔比,在二月1907的六分之二十,主要的Antony Bowlby爵士,前者可能莫斯廷。约翰是他们的六个孩子中的一个,当约翰出生的时候。大先生Antony Bowlby医生外科医生乔治五世国王是五十二岁的约翰出生时,他的母亲是四十。Bowlby有一个孩子从小出生在一个典型的中上阶层家庭,他的大部分早年是在与家庭女教师参加寄宿学校之前。


会继续前进,开始了他在伦敦大学医学院的医学训练,后成为感兴趣,他参加了英国精神分析学会精神病学。他还曾在Maudsley医院,在那里他被儿童心理学家Melanie Klien谁专门从事儿童精神分析的监督,(1932)嫉妒和感激之情,(1957)和孩子分析叙事(1961)。尽管会不同意Klien的理论指导,她给了他很多帮助地自己的研究之后。


Attachment theory focuses on how attachments are formed, in the very earliest months and years of life. These have a significant influence on emotional development, as well as providing a template for the child as he or she grows, into adulthood and into parenthood. Psychologists talk about attachment behaviour and define an attachment as. ` A close emotional relationship between two persons, characterized by mutual affection and a desire to maintain proximity, ` (Schaffer). Attachments serve the purpose of keeping the child and primary caregiver (usually the mother), physically and emotionally close.

Maternal deprivation hypothesis by Bowlby (1953), ` A mother’s love in infancy and childhood is as important for mental health as are vitamins and proteins for physical health. ` Bowlby noted a sequence of protest detachment and despair in children after separation from an attachment figure.

John Bowlby was born as Edward John Mostyn Bowlby, in London on the twenty-sixth of February 1907, to Major Sir Antony Bowlby and the former May Mostyn. John was one of their six children, when John was born. Major Sir Antony Bowlby a physician surgeon to King George v was fifty-two years old when John was born, and his mother was forty. Bowlby had a typical childhood for a child been born into a middle-upper class family, most of his early years were spent with a governess before attending boarding school.

Bowlby went on to attend the Royal Naval College in Cambridge, preparing himself for medical school. During this time he did a year’s voluntary work in a hospital for maladjusted children. This in fact set him up for his later work, while there Bowlby paid particular attention to a very nervous seven-year old boy, due to him following Bowlby around he became known as Bowlby’s little shadow. There was also an adolescent that had been expelled from school and was quite a loner, those two children left a lasting impression.

Bowlby moved on and began his medical training at the university college medical school in London, after becoming interested in psychiatry he attended the British Psychoanalytic Institute. He also trained at Maudsley Hospital, where he was supervised by child psychoanalyst Melanie Klien who specialised in the psychoanalysis of children, (1932) Envy and Gratitude, (1957) and a case study narrative of a child analysis (1961). Even though Bowlby did not agree with lots of Klien’s theories the guidance she gave him helped ground his own research later on.