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Yao Ming is Chinese most famous basketball player, he is famous around the world. But the damage of the body makes him retire early, he has to out of race course. People are looking for the next Yao Ming, for they need a hero to watch NBA. This summer, we see the guy, his name is Jeremy Lin, who is from Taiwan. The guy plays so well that everyone calls him little Yao Ming.

Jeremy Lin studies inHarvardUniversity, his talent in basketball has showed, he led the school team won the champion, the NBA agent saw his ability, Jeremy signed a team and started his career in NBA. At first, he didn’t get much chance to show himself, his first year was not brilliant. Actually, even Yao Ming, his first year was just a by passer to his own team, he even laughed by others. So the first was always hard for the new player.


The next year, Jeremy has show his talent, he got the chance to prove himself, he helped the team beat other team, people started notice him, still, his second not makes him a worldwide star. Then the third year, the whole summer people were talking about him, they speak highly of him, people see his talent. Jeremy has proved himself, he becomes the future star, he owns his success to his hard work.


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