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Nowmore and more students always spend plenty of their time playing computergames. Some of them can even play from morning to night. How terrible it is!


Playingtoo much computer games has bad impacts in many ways. For one thing, ifstudents often play computer games, they can't do well in their study, becausethey always think about the things in computer games instead of the knowledgein books. For another, Sitting before the computer for a long time will cause backpains and headaches. And the radiation from the computers can also do harm toour eyes and our minds. What's more, many students are so deeply attracted bysome interesting computer games that they communicate less with their familiesand friends, which will lead to mental problems. Last but not least, somestudents prefer the fighting games. It is likely that they'll be violent in thereal life. That is to say, those who usually play violent games may do crimesmore easily. Therefore, the teachers and parents should work together to stopthe kids from playing computer games all around the clock.