research paper 代写 怎样写好一篇英语作文 how to write a good composition

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Many studentscomplain that it is hard to write a composition, because they meet manydifficulties during the writing. Today, I would like to talk about how to writea good composition.


To begin with,make clear what you can write in your mind. Think about what message you wantto inform or what stories or events your want to talk about. In order to getthe ideas quickly, you need to do lots of reading in your daily life. Rememberthat the view you hold comes from what you see. In addition, make an outline inthe paper. Don’t be afraid that writing an outline will waste lots of time. Agood outline will help your compose your article and remind you what should bewritten. What’s more, it will keep your written hold to the subject. Finally,start to compound your composition according to the outline. Use proper wordsand mind the tense, voice and so on. Properly using complex sentence andconjunction will make your essay better.


If you follow thesteps above, I believe you will make progress in composition writing.


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