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Science Assignment 代写 should older people live with their adult children 老人是否

    One of the topics in our daily life is whether or not the older people should live with their adult children. My answer to the question is that it is better for them not to.
    To begin with, adult children, like their parents, love indepen dence and freedom, but their parents may still take them as children. The situation will be worse when the adult children are married. If the relationship between the children and file parents is not harmonious, the sons or daughters of the parents will be in a difficult position. Secondly, people of different ages have different ways of life. If they live together, the old may feel that they are always disturbed and the young may feel that they are often restricted.
    In short, if the parents and their adult children do not live together, both the old and the young can enjoy complete independence and freedom. Living separately does not mean separation of relations. The parents and their children can still often visit and help each other if they stay in the saine neighborhood.