Science Assignment 代写 同伴压力的影响 influence of peer pressure

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Peer pressure means the influence given by a group of people around you, such as, parents, friends, classmates, teachers and so on. Their influence will affect your attitude, behavior, conception or decision. As every side has two sides, this influence also has two sides. Let me explain my reasons.


For one thing, influence of peer pressure has positive effect. It depends on the specific thing. Sometimes, the influence of pressure will promote me get progress. For instance, my deskmate does well in one math exam, while I fall far behind her. As we are deskmates, i can’t let others look down on me. So i will take her as my good example to fight. And then next time, I can get a good mark by my effort. Take my parents as another example, they like clean. They don’t have the habit to throw rubbish at will. I won’t have this habit either living with them.


For another, influence of peer pressure has negative effect. Sometimes the influence will be bad. For example, if my friends ask me to skip class to watch a basketball match with them, i go with them, even i don’t have that thought before. And one of my friends has gone through a lot, he always try to convince me that money is very important. As time passes, i may change my conception.


In summary, the influence of peer pressure has positive and negative sides. We have to advocate the good side and avoid the negative. We have to be clear about what is right and what is wrong and firm our position.


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