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商务礼仪论文 我的寒假计划my winter vacation plan

My winter vacation plan

My winner vacation is coming soon .I am so happy I decide to make a winter vacation plan .First, I will do my homework carefully. Second ,I am going to help my mother with housework .Then,I want to play with my best friend.I will also visit my grangparents with my parents .We will spend Spring Festival with them.I think every day during my winter vacation will be happy.

I am sure I will have a wonderful vacation. I can not wait.

winter vacation plan

How time flies(时间过得真快),unconsciously(不知不觉地) the next winter vacation (寒假)will soon come.In order to improve(提高) myself as well as enjoy a happy holiday,I made the winter vacation plan.

Firstly I want to continue with my study,i think study is a life process,so no matter what the situation I am in,I will look for chances to continue it.I have bought several new books ,including those books on my major(专业)and some novels. I will try to finish reading them in the holiday and write notes.

Secondly,since it is the holiday,I will share it with my family and friends .You know the spring festival will soon come, I believe I would chatting and play games with my friends and family .I think I will enjoy the vacation.

早晨的自习室 The Morning in Study Room