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现实主义不是一种方法,可以明确地定义一组命题和假设。相反,它是一种具有一般取向和哲学倾向的理论。根据吉尔平(1986页304),现实主义可以被定义为一个“一套规范的重点,塑造理论”。弗格森和mansbuch(1987,p. 79)另一方面定义现实主义的一种心态,是由独特的和可辨认的味道。”此外,石榴石(1984,P.110),把现实主义作为一个“松散的基础,对各种理论间巨大的帐篷(resonthal 1991、7;Elman 1996,p. 26)。在概述中,现实主义是一个模型,以国际关系,同时出现了一系列的工作,从分析谁定位自己,从而分隔,一个简洁但仍然不同的传统分析




Realism is not an approach that can be defined explicitly by a set of propositions and assumptions. Rather it is a theory with a general orientation and a philosophical disposition. According to Gilpin (1986 p. 304), realism can be defined as a ‘set of normative emphases that shape theory’. Ferguson and Mansbuch (1987, p. 79) on the other hand define realism as ‘an attitude of mind’ that is comprised of ‘distinctive and recognizable flavor.’ In addition to this, Garnet (1984, p.110), perceives realism as one with ‘a loose groundwork’ and a vast tent with room for various theories (Resonthal 1991, p.7; Elman 1996, p. 26). In an overview, realism is a model to international relations that has simultaneously emerged through a series of work from analysts who have positioned themselves within, and thus delimited, a concise but still diverse tradition of analysis

In general term, what can be seen by the eyes and touched by the hands are aspects of the world that are real and are in existence independently of features comprised in space and time. It forms an instinctive belief of man. Its creation and its vindication are a work or reflective thought- this in its entirety is realism. The origin of realism thus lies in the unconscious conviction of people. Development of realism is comprised in making it a logical and consciously founded self consistent theory

However the process of turning an instinct to a thought or an unconscious belief to a well worked out model is a long process where validity of the instinct must be questioned and analyzed. Through its assertion it becomes a conscious and well based thought. Conscious realism is the ideal that exists before it. Until this ideal is realized the process of developing a well articulated model remains unsuccessful attempts at realizing it. Since these unsuccessful attempts provide insight to the successful attempts, they also form part of the origin of realism