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网站设计代写 上学的理由the reasons of going to school

When I saw the movie The God Must be Crazy, I was laughing so happily, the movie tells about the uncivilized world and the civilized world, the former is simple and happy while the latter is complicated and sensitive. People nowadays have to go to school since they are small, most students keep studying until they are graduate from college. They go to school for many reasons.

they go to school for learning knowledge, so that they can survive in the society. People live in the civilized world, they need to learn all kinds of skills, for the purpose of knowing the world and get used to the environment. Unlike the original world, people hunt for living, they don’t have so many things to learn, all they do is to find the food and keep themselves alive.

People go to school also for the purpose of cultivating themselves with good merits. The world is full of regulations and people have the merit consciousness, to be a good person can make them become the member of the public, so people have to learn to be a person with good merit and make a contribution to the society.

In a word, people need to go to school to get used to the civilized world.

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