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除了酒店,凯悦酒店还设有一个高档的分时度假计划通过凯悦度假所有权,公司的程序被称为凯悦假日俱乐部。目前有十几个地点,其中一些是位于或连接到凯悦酒店。[ 15 ]Â此外,集团经营的连锁高档养老院称为凯悦经典住宅区Â[ 16 ]Â提供零售家DéCOR和陈设在凯悦在家,一个拥有奢侈品网上商店。凯悦酒店,是有点郁闷的是,由于经济不景气和限制是依赖于每年签约客户从旅行


The Hyatt Regency is delegate of the five star brand .Hyatt Regency encompass the full selection of hotel types, with person properties offering a full range of skilled services and dining options customized to fulfill the needs of conference, business travelers or resort vacationers. Hyatt Regency enables all guests whether they are traveling to work, calm down or gather in festivity to feel creative and revived. Properties range in size from 200 to over 2000 rooms and are opportunely to be found in urban, suburban, airport, convention and resort destinations around the world. Hyatt Regency’s convention hotels feature abundant meeting and conference facilities proportionate to the number of bedrooms or to market demand. Convention hotel guests are often part of a premium group, meeting or conference. Business hotel guests are primarily individual business travelers. Resort hotels cater to couples seeking a absent yourself, families enjoying a vacation together and corporate group seeking a relaxed atmosphere in which to conduct business meetings The Hyatt Regency properties are prominent for their expedient and strategic locations within major cities throughout the country. Also synonymous with the brand are the high level of personal service guest service and the extensive range of comprehensive business facilities available in luxurious ways. Here is a report stating the core concepts of marketing of Hyatt Regency Hotel. The One year marketing plan is thoroughly discussed and its various stages are show in the report .

occupying strategic, inner city locations and serving first and foremost commercial patrons. Hyatt Hotels Corporation operates several chains. The Hyatt Regency brand is the oldest brand in the company, with the Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt brands being introduced in 1980.Of these properties, some are styled as “resort” properties, and may feature spas or other recreational facilities. The property has other following chain including Hyatt Place, designed as a restricted service offering embattled to the business traveler. An extended stay chain, Summerfield Suites, was acquired by Hyatt in 2005, and features 34 locations in the United States. .

In addition to hotels, Hyatt also operates an upscale timeshare program through Hyatt Vacation Ownership, Inc. The program is known as Hyatt Vacation Club. It currently has over a dozen locations, some of which are located within or connected to Hyatt hotels.[15] Additionally, the group runs a chain of upscale retirement homes known as Classic Residence by Hyatt [16] and offers retail home décor and furnishings through Hyatt at Home, an online store featuring luxury product. The Hyatt Regency, is somewhat depressed, due to the economic downturn and restrictions being reliant on annually contracted clients from the travel