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温哥华essay代写 Agritourism And Rural Development Economics Essay


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There are several evidences for agritourisms contribution for rural development from various countries. Not only in developed countries, researches in developing countries have also discovered many findings regarding this phenomenon as agritourism has the ability to open up alternative income sources for the farmers as well as for the surrounding community. As it is a people-oriented industry, agritourism can offer many jobs which can help to revive rural economies. Agritourism has different ways and means of assisting rural development and has ability to influence the economic, socio-cultural and environmental enhancement of some societies.

3.3.1 Agritourism and rural development in developed countries

There are many significant studies in developed countries related to agritourism and rural development. As per the study of Haghiri and Okech (2011) on “role of the agritourism management in developing the economy of rural areas in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada”, in rural development, agritourism acts as a solution for the problem of poverty by giving economic opportunities for the farmers. They have mentioned that the promotion of tourism and agritourism activities is one way to help develop the economy of rural areas in the province that is facing a series of challenges, such as small internal markets; shifting socio-demographics; lack of sufficient investments; the high rate of out-migration; diseconomies of scale; and the underdeveloped economic infrastructure for the time being. Further, they have identified three alternatives as starting the production of new products; organic fruits and vegetables, specialized livestock products like sheep, goats, fur, emu, rabbits, etc., farm-based food products, such as bread, jams and jellies, and handmade crafts and enhancing the existing tourism products and also developing new markets in Newfoundland and Labrador, other provinces of Canada, and international countries.

温哥华essay代写 Agritourism And Rural Development Economics Essay