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The Marketing Strategy Plan will focus on offering a high quality safety trips as well as a great experience for the customers. We will Increase market share by investing in marketing to create awareness and increase the value for our target market.

The development of NESSR Cable Car Website is a key marketing tool both locally and nationally to attract new customers and tourists. The website will be a reliable source of information and having a frequent updates. Approximately the web site will cost 50,000 AED

A brochure is one of the most flexible marketing tools; it will contain variety of information such as operating times, general information and costs. The Brochure will cost 30,000 AED.

Utilize social media such as facebook and twitter. This could be done in conjunction with the development of the web site. The social media will cost around 20,000 AED.

Develop a strategic relationship with tourism agencies within the UAE will significantly play a major role in increasing the number of the customers. Also, making free trips for the students will be very important to attract more customers. Also, we will offer a reasonable prices combined with a special offers for the tourism agencies, Schools, Universities and governmental organizations. Approximately this will cost 100,000 AED.

Advertise through several local newspapers and on the internet:

Using the traditional advertisement method combined with the advertising through the internet will make more people aware about NESSR and it will cost us 100,000 AED.

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