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渥太华作业代写 父母应该培养孩子的独立性 parents should help children to be independent

Inour country, the only-one child policy has made more and more parents pay somuch attention to their children that they would like to replace their childrento do everything, including study, work and even marriage. This notion hasgiven to many problems for children’s grow-ups. Therefore, our parents shouldlearn to help their children to be independent.


Thereare some suggestions given to our parents. For one thing, it is quite importantfor our parents to realize that their children will grow up and have their ownideas and thoughts as time goes by. Thus, children should be encouraged to makesome decisions alone in some matters so that they are able to pursue what theywant. And this would also make contribution to solve what we called “generationgap.”


Foranother, our parents should believe that their children have enough ability todeal with their personal matters and differentiate between good and evil.Hence, parents should give some family chores to their children properlybecause it is a good chance to train them.


Ofcourse, I am not saying that our parents should not help their children whenthey are getting into trouble, but I contend that our parents should give theirchildren a free hand in some matters to help them to be independent.


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