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悉尼assignment代写 直面困难 face with difficulty

Whenyou face with difficulty, which kind of attitude will you be? Give up orinsist? Many people may insist at first, but finally give up. Sometimes youjust need to try one more time that you overcome it.


Asfar as I am concerned, Edison is an example who succeeded because of hisinsistence. He had done a lot of experiments before inventing the light bulb.Among those experiments, there were many times of failure. Faced with thedifficult, if he had chosen to give up, he wouldn’t be such a huge scientist inthe history. What can we learn from him? Obviously, never easily give up when facedwith difficulty. Success never comes without hard work.


Istill remember that I learned to ride bicycle when I was seven. My sister pushedmy bicycle to help me to ride. Few minutes later, she let it go, and I fell inthe ground. She asked me to try one more time, I strove to ride. Finally, I didit. It is a happy memory for me.


Noone knows how happy you will be after you try your best and succeed until youdo it. That is to say, when you face with difficulty, don’t easily give up.Maybe just try one more time; you can get the fruits of victory.


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