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悉尼assignment代写 住在宿舍还是校园外?living in the dormitory or outside the campus

It is well-known that life in the collegeis freer than any other school life. College students can make choice by themselves.When it comes to the accommodation, some students like to living the schooldormitory, while some like living alone outside the campus to get more privateplace. In my opinion, living in the dormitory is better than living outside thecampus.


First of all, living in the dormitory isgood for students communicate with each other. Keeping a relationship needscommunication. And if students live in school dormitory, they can talkfrequently, which is also good for them to improve their interpersonal skill. Butif students live outside the campus, they will have less chance to communicatewith their classmates and friends. Moreover, living in dormitory is cheaperthan living outside the campus. Dormitory is provided by school, which surelyneeds less money. However, renting house outside campus needs more money,because no body will have the thinking that you are students. Last, althoughliving in the house outside campus can provide them a quiet place to study,they have no one to discuss when meeting some difficult problems on study. Thestudents live in dormitory can discuss with their roommates when meet difficult.


To sum up, according to the reasons talkedabove, I still firmly believe living in school dormitory is better than livingoutside the campus.


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