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悉尼论文代写 如何获得快乐 how to be happy

Happiness is the most precious thing in life. Without it, a man will feel that his ill fate has taken charge of (支配) him and the world is utterly(完全地) dark and dreadful(可怕的). On that account,his body grows weaker, his work slackens(变松弛), and above all, he thinks he would rather die than live. ”how to be happy, then?” you may ask. Now, this is the very puzzle that we are going to solve. First, do things in accordance with your conscience(良心); That is, do to others, as you would have other do to you. Secondly, pay more attention to your health, which is the root of success, for a sound constitution(体质) enables you to succeed. Thirdly, worry and sorrow are of no use at all! In case you meet with some hard situation, you must try to overcome it without any hesitation(犹豫. Willpower(意志力) is essential(不可缺的) to happiness. And the last, but not the least, adopt(采取) an optimistic attitude toward life, for the world is still in making and you can have a share in it . In this way, true happiness can be obtained.


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