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Marketing Essay 论文代写: Cocoa Industry Background Analysis

Marketing Essay 论文代写: Cocoa Industry Background Analysis

根据国际可可组织数据(国际可可组织),2007 / 08,印度尼西亚出口大约73.4%的可可豆生产。可可豆出口到马来西亚,是亚洲最大的可可豆研磨国,占印度尼西亚总出口量的57.1%,占总出口的2007 / 08。可可豆从印度尼西亚出口到美国的急剧下降约77.8%,从2005 / 06到2007 / 08,主要是由于可可豆由美国进口总额下降了约24.6%,2007 / 08比2005 / 06,和美国增加进口,因为进口总额的百分比,从其他国家如厄瓜多尔和巴布亚新几内亚。此外,还有对提高磨削的可可豆生产国和增值的半成品的出口而不是从产地原料可可豆的全球趋势。

PT。Davomas Abadi,tbk是印度尼西亚的主要生产可可脂、可可粉。PT。Davomas Abadi,tbk,成立于1990,迅速成为印度尼西亚领先的可可脂、可可粉。PT。Davomas Abadi,tbk已自1994在雅加达证券交易所上市。

根据容量,铂。Davomas Abadi,tbk是141吨,与最接近的竞争对手相比,那些被称为铂的最大容量。一般食品行业被称为Petra Foods和位于新加坡的310吨和PT。Bumi Tangerang具有40吨的能力。

Marketing Essay 论文代写: Cocoa Industry Background Analysis
PT。Davomas Abadi,公司100%的出口可可制品贸易的名义下的“PT。Davomas Abadi“国际可可交易商。PT。Davomas Abadi,tbk致力于支持出口驱动LED生长的印尼政府鼓励。通过指导其生产到出口,铂。Davomas Abadi,tbk带来的外汇收入,有助于保证印度尼西亚经济的发展。

Based on the data from figure 1.7 shown that according to the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), in 2007/08, Indonesia exported approximately 73.4% of its cocoa bean production. Cocoa beans exported to Malaysia, the largest cocoa bean grinding country in Asia, accounted for approximately 57.1% of total Indonesia’s gross exports of cocoa beans in 2007/08. Cocoa bean exports from Indonesia to the U.S decreased dramatically by approximately 77.8% from 2005/06 to 2007/08 primarily because the total volume of cocoa bean imported by the U.S declined by approximately 24.6% in 2007/08 as compared to 2005/06, and the U.S increased its imports, as a percentage of total imports, from other countries such as Ecuador and Papua New Guinea. In addition, there is a global trend towards increased grindings by cocoa bean producing countries and the export of value-added semi-finished products rather than the raw cocoa beans from origin.

PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk is Indonesia’s leading producer of cocoa butter and cocoa powder. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk was established in 1990 and quickly rose to become Indonesia’s leading producer of cocoa butter and cocoa powder. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk has been listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange since 1994.

Based on the capacity, PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk is the largest capacity with 141.000 tons compared with the closest competitors who are called PT. General Food Industries which was known as Petra Foods and was based in Singapore with 310.000 tons and PT. Bumi Tangerang with the capacity of 40.000 tons.

PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk exports 100% of its cocoa products under the trade name as “PT. Davomas Abadi” to the international Cocoa Traders. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk is committed to supporting the drive of export-led growth as encouraged by the Indonesian government. By directing its production to exports, PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk brings in foreign exchange earnings that helps guarantee Indonesia’s economic development.