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写论文 论孩子们对电脑游戏上瘾on childrens addicting to computer games

As computers are available in our dailylife, an increasing number of children are playing computer games quite often.This phenomenon has absolutely caused public’s attention. People think that thecyber games like drugs which will make children addicted into them. In myopinion, our parents, school and society should join hands to help youth to getrid of computer games.


First of all, parents should limit the timeof children spending on computer games. As parents, they should pay attentionto students’ playing time. As long as they find their children spending toomuch time on playing cyber games, they should urge children to quit.


Second, school should cooperate withparents to keep an eye on students’ free time. School should contact often withparents and talk about the situation of children so that they can better solvechildren’s playing game problems.


Thirdly, our society should not provide theunder age students with computers to play games. Many cybercafés will provideunder age students computers to playing games. So, for the sake of prohibitchildren to play games, our society should take the responsibility to prohibitteenagers to go into the computer place.


All in all, for the good of children, ourparents,schools andsociety should make jointed effort to limit students to playing too manycomputer games.


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