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Dangerousness is defined as “a propensity to cause serious physical injury or lasting psychological harm (Home Office and Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS), 1975.” According to an article found in the British Medical Journal there are individuals within any given population whose antisocial and self damaging behaviors are the result of abiding character traits including impulsivity and suspiciousness. It is also inclusive of abnormalities of mental state, such as mood swings and dissociative indicators. The article explains that

“Such distressed and disturbed individuals currently attract little interest from mental health professionals and even less from those who fund services. Clinical experience suggests, however, that such disorders can be improved, if not cured, even if research has failed to pinpoint the best therapeutic approaches. Severely personality disordered individuals are over-represented among recidivist offenders, though such disorders do not inevitably lead to serious offending; nor are serious offenders drawn exclusively from their ranks (Mullen 1999, 1146).”

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