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新西兰代写作业 流行歌手的高收入the high incomes of pop singers

When we read the amusement news, we may be shocked by the exposing income of the pop singers, the highest incomes of a pop singer in a year could be more than 1 billion dollar, and even the average income could be more than a normal person’s lifetime fortune. Some people think the pop singers should not deserve so much incomes, my view is on the opposite.

One reason of the pop singers deserve high incomes is that their music brings people great joy and happiness. We couldn’t live without music. When we go to the street, we can find that music is everywhere, the shop; the market and the restaurant are playing music. Music can relieve people’s mood, when they go out of the office, they need to relax themselves, and music is the helpful medicine. As music is so important to our life, the one who creates them deserves owning a lot of money.

Another reason of the pop singers deserve high income is that they make a contribution to the social economy. It is said that Britney Spears promotes American economy, because she is so popular around the world. What the pop singers gets is less than they do to the society, so they worth owning the high pay.

The pop singers are getting high incomes, but we have to see the cruel fact that only small part of them can do this, the leftover are struggling for survive. So the successful part deserves high incomes.

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