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学术论文英文 打击有毒食品 my ideas on cracking down on poisonous food

Inrecent years, poisonous food, such as tainted milk powder, illegal food additivesand illegal cooking oil and so on, has aroused great panic and wide concern inour lives. Poisonous food does great harm to people’s health and causes much ofa stir. As a result, some effective measures should be taken to crack down it.

Tobegin with, our government has a great responsibility to crack down it bypunishing illegal businessmen severely. Those who produce or sell poisonousfood or goods should be punished according to related laws without anyhesitation. And the whole manufacturing processes should be under the severesupervision. In the second place, those who fail to take effective control andsupervision during the manufacturing process should be also punished severelyand undertake joint and several liability. In addition, as consumers, it isnecessary and important for us to pay more attention to food brands whenchoosing food. We should pay more attention to the quality of food rather thanthe price or the packaging.

Insummary, all of us should take responsibility to act together to crack down onpoisonous food so that we would have a harmonious and healthy market and avoidthe harm from poisonous food.

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