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在社区安置的同时,发生了一件事使我反思是多么的重要,了解创伤护理的病因以实践整体提供照顾病人。为了辅助反射过程的吉布斯(1988)将使用反射周期包括6个阶段;描述、思想感情、评价、分析、结论和行动计划,这将帮助我不断开发并通过基于证据的学习而发展自己与关爱他人的自信提高自己的护理技能和知识(siviter 2008)。保密义务和遵守的行为规范(2008)发布的所有名字已经改变。

我的导师,我曾访问过一个病人,谁将被称为玛丽(NMC 2008)在自己的家里。玛丽是一个老太太,谁独自生活,并一直患有慢性小腿溃疡的数个月,没有表现出任何改善的迹象,数月。访问的目的是要采取现有的敷料,评估任何改善或恶化的伤口,并按照目前的护理计划的伤口治疗和补救。正如预测的那样,伤口没有明显的改善。因此我的伤口清创,应用薪酬调整与Na敷料、纱布和应用4层绷带是在研究推荐()导师的监督下。



Whilst on Community placement, an event occurred which enabled me to reflect on how important it is to understand the aetiology of wound care in order to practice holistically when delivering care to patients. In order to assist the reflection process the Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle will be used which encompasses 6 stages; description, thoughts and feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan which will help me to continually develop and improve my nursing skills and knowledge through evidence based learning whilst developing my self confidence in relation to caring for others (Siviter 2008). To maintain confidentiality and comply with the NMC Code of Conduct (2008) all names have been changed.

My mentor and I had visited a patient, who will be known as Mary (NMC 2008) in her own home. Mary is an elderly lady, who lives alone and had been suffering with chronic leg ulcers for a number of months which had not shown any signs of improvements for a number of months. The purpose of the visit was to take down the existing dressings, assess any improvement or deterioration in the wounds and to treat and redress the wounds in accordance with the current care plan. As predicted there was no significant improvement in the wound. Therefore I debrided the wounds, applied an emolument and redressed with NA dressings, gauze and applied a 4 layer bandage which is recommended in the study by ( ) under the supervision of my mentor.

After leaving a patient’s house my mentor and I discussed the visit and talked about the importance of not just treating the obvious problems but taking an holistic approach. During this discussion my mentor asked me to assess Mary’s nutritional status and if required talk to her about the importance of healthy eating and the positive implication it may have on wound healing during our next visit.