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英国代写价格 愚人节the april fools day

The April fool’s day is coming. The people, especially the teenagers, are quite excited about the jokes they are going to make on the others. One of the jokes is to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you want to break up with him or her. Sometimes, the jokes just have gone too far that people may take it seriously. So, in the western countries, people make a rule that all the jokes make on April 1st should be end by 12 a.m. After that moment, no more jokes.


It’s said that the April fool’s day is started from France. In the year of 1582, the French King Charles decided that the first day of New Year should be January 1st but not April 1st. But some people were not happy about this decision; they still send their New Year gifts to the others on April 1st. The supporters despised the protesters’ behaviors that they give the protesters fake presents and invited them to the fake parties which didn’t go to run at all. When someone has been made fun of, the people around them will cry out “Poisson D’ Avril”, which mean “April fool.” After that, the tradition of making fun of others on April 1st has remained.

据说愚人节源自于法国。在1582年,法国国王查理决定把新年的第一天从4月1日改为1月1日。但有些人对此很不乐意。他们依旧在4月1日派送新年礼物。国王的支持者们非常鄙视反对者的行为,他们就想出了送给反对者假礼物、邀请他们去参加那些根本就不打算举办的假派对。当这些人被捉弄的时候,周围的人就会大叫“Poisson D’ Avril”(原文为法语)意为“四月的笨蛋”。从这以后,在4月1日开玩笑的传统就流传了下来。

In China, some people are quite enjoying this special foreign festival. The kid will have the fully excuse to mess around without being published. They can put the mustard into the toothpaste; tell their friends that the girls they crush on are waiting in the park; lie to their friends they don’t need to do their homework on this day. These just some jokes, they mean no harm but fun. Sometimes, we live under too much pressure that we really need some joys in our life.


Happy April fool’s day!