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Elliot’s exercise with her 3rd grade classroom definitely resulted in changes of the children’s behaviors, moods, thoughts and feelings. The superior group during discussion made statements about how they felt more entitled and privileged over their inferior counterparts. While the inferior group reported they felt ostracized and saddened about being separated from their friends. As mentioned earlier, negative behaviors were also seen in the documentary. Children called each other names and engaged in physical altercations on the playground. Also noticed throughout the film, the expressions on the children’s faces, for example, the superior group appeared gleeful as opposed to the sullen expression worn by the inferior group. Throughout A Class Divided, as witnessed in the initial exercises, as well as, the training with the corrections facility, this student easily noticed apparent changes in the participants’ behaviors and moods. This writer found it to be astounding in how Elliot’s presentation of the two groups elicited such remarkable changes in mood and affect.

It seems that Elliot as the authoritative presence in the exercise giving statements and reiteration of what is to be expected from the two groups in regards to their mood and affect was a big factor. Asking and pointing out “examples” of how the children belonged to their groups because of the physical trait, gave more emphasis of why the children were separated and it appeared correct to the students. Elliot takes the parent role as older adult in charge in this classroom setting and her thoughts and statements were respected as such.