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英国paper代写 早教 on attending school from a young age

Mostchildren used to start attending school at their six or seven years old whilenowadays more and more children in cities start attending school from a youngage. Concerning this phenomenon, some people hold that it is good forchildren’s development to attend school in an earlier age while others entertainopposite opposition. From my point of view, I am inclined to support the formerone. The reasons are as following.


First, to attend schoolfrom a young age provides a better environment for children to grow uphealthier, especially those children in cities. With the need of work, many parents incities cannot spend a lot of time with their children and that will influencechildren developing healthy. In contrary, if children have a chance to attendschool at their earlier age, they will get more chance to play with theirfellows, which is good for them to have an unforgettable childhood.


Second, it ishelpful for children to independent from their parents. If children attendschool from a young age, they will be taught to deal with their own things atan earlier age and learn to be independent.


Finally, to attendschool from young age, children have more chance to meet with different peopleand encounter various situations, which has a contribution to their adaptationto society and their practice of strain capacity.


Therefore, Iadvocate that children should attend school from a young age. However, parentsalso need to spend more time with their children at the same time so that theycan have more chance to communicate with each other.


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