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英国硕士论文 做好事是否应该得到回报 should one expect a reward when doing a good deed

Nowadays, there has been a hot debate inthe public over the issue whether one expect a reward after doing a good deed.Some think it’s human nature to want return if he gives, but other against thathelp others out of trouble is the basic personal quality, should not be relatewith money. For me, I agree the last one.


First, Good deed is the traditional virtuesof the China, which has spread far and wide for thousands years, if everyonehold the idea of “No reward No help”, the spirit of Lei Feng would bedisappear.


Second,good deed belongs to voluntary work; personal interests should not be thepurpose of helping others. The actions should be done with our true heart, whenit comes to without getting paid, people would not consider unbalance in mind.


Third, there is old saying goes,” One goodreturn deserves another,” which indicates that helping others sincerely aresupposed to result from unexpected rewards, such as the respect from others ora sense of achievement.


Tosum up, No matterdoing good deeds should get returns ornot, the most important thing is when others being in trouble, we should tohelp them without hesitate.


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