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英国研究生毕业论文 吃早餐的重要性 the importance of having breakfast

Nowadays, a large number of students do not have breakfast everyday since they would like to spend more time making up their sleep.In addition, some girls hope to keep slim by not having breakfast.


However, at the same time, they also get some unpleasant results. For example, they feel sleepy in classes and cannot concentrate attention on their study completely. What’s worse, over a long time, their bad conditions will result in the deterioration in quality of their study and the decrease in grade.


Therefore, having breakfast is significant for us. For one thing, the breakfast provides 30 percent of energy we need for the whole day. As the saying goes, “Make your whole year’s plans in spring and your day’s plan early in the morning”. If we do not have breakfast, we would not have enough energy to deal with the matters in the whole day and the result of things we done can not run up to what we have expected. For another, having breakfast is conducive to strengthen our creative thinking. Only in a good condition in the morning can we come up with more fresh ideals.


In a word, having breakfast is indispensable. No matter how busy or sleep we are, we should have breakfast on time everyday.