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英文论文润色 Data Collection Strategy Value In Supermarket Business Essay


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Data collection which is defined as a function that according to the supervision departments reporting to indicate how well the company work. To make some comparisons between marketing and different kinds of customers is to evaluate the data collection strategy in supermarket. This essay aims give an discussion of the value and predict its development in the future.

Besides, emphasized the need to make the maximum profits to supermarket, this paper will be followed by disruption of the strategy in data collection.

2. The Data Collection Strategy

Data Collection Strategy, based on two objectives which are more motivated respondents and higher quality data collection, is essential for every supermarket.

2.1 Overview of Data Collection

Data Collection, on the basis of supervision department reports to marketing and customers, is defined as a function that can compare and analysis the department which is supervised by managers.

In recent years, Warlmark has made a great success in China. The promptly Data Collection from the marketing have made a significant contribution to achieve their goals in China.

What’ more, the managers of Walmart value the Data collection, which can be used as a reaction for marketing.

2.2 Methods of Data Collection

Data are collected in different time frames and from different sources. Probably the most common data collection method is the questionnaire(Alreck and Settle,1995).

The same as other research area, when managers select the corresponding study design, then they have to solve the problem that how to collect data accurately and effectively. In order to reflect reality, data may not be modified.

Methods of Data Collection are variety, such as the observation, interview, questionnaire, test, case studies and so on.

[1] Observation

Observation, researchers use sensory or certain instrument equipment to observe customers’ psychology and behavior, is the essential method to collect data. Observation can be used for a variety of purposes. Roger Sapsford and Victor Jupp(2006)demonstrated that observation may be employed in the preliminary stages of a research project to explore an area which can then be studied more fully utilizing other methods. When supervisor observe the purchasing behavior of customers in supermarket, they can figure out which kind of product can be sold out and which would not be. Where observation is the main research method employed, it may be used to obtain descriptive quantitative data on the incidence of particular sorts of behavior or events(see, for example, Galton et al., 1980; Sissons, 1981)

[2] Description

Description in Data Collection which means Data compression gives many simples to managers about the similarity of answers or the opinion given by the consumers.

[3] questionnaire

In marketing, there is an array of different ways to acquire consumers’ s responses in time, making questionnaire would be the efficient one. (Roger Sapsford and Victor Jupp, 2006). Giving a definition of the principal information that is required, then determining the secondary information that is required for analysis purposes, lastly mapping the flow of the subject areas or sub-sections within the questionnaire are the basic steps to plan an questionnaire ( Brace, Ian. Kogan Page.,2008)

As we all know, today’s demand for statistics and public information of administrative is increasing significantly , as are the requirements on quality in statistics area and analyses. May be the challenge for data collection is to collect more information of a higher quality at a lower cost.

Walmart which is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. Everyday, this company would keep the low price as their rule. Let us reference the following information to see the value of data collection.

在市场营销中,有一个不同的方式来获得消费者的反应,在时间上,使问卷将是有效的。(Roger Sapsford和Victor Jupp,2006)。给出了所需的主要信息的定义,然后确定所需的第二个信息,分析的目的,最后映射的主题区域或子部分的问卷调查的流动是计划的基本步骤(括号,伊恩。出版社,2008)。