Media Essay 代写:第六感技术融合虚拟世界和虚拟世界

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Media Essay 代写:第六感技术融合虚拟世界和虚拟世界


第六感技术使人们能够访问万维网,而不使用屏幕,显示器,甚至一个键盘,任何表面都可以作为显示屏幕[ 1 ]。

它是一种高技术的设备,无缝地集成模拟信息与现实世界的活动[ 2 ]。

截至目前个人使用的设备,如计算机,智能手机等获得所需的信息;第六感个人将使用一个设备不大于目前的智能手机,并最终会得到更小的连接互联网[ 3 ]。

该技术将允许人类与世界前所未有的互动,在过去,这会被描述为一个神话或是只能发生在电影,但随着这一技术帮助人们获得信息的任何事情,从世界的任何部分在几秒。人们不但有关联或有不同层面的东西,沟通也是彼此的能力。这背后的技术的潜力是能够扫描物体或人和想象这个信息在任何表面上[ 3 ]。






Media Essay 代写:第六感技术融合虚拟世界和虚拟世界

Humans have evolved over time to sense the world around, when encountered with something, someone or place. As individuals, the awareness of the five basic senses is apparent and these senses are; touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. What individuals are not well aware of is the sixth sense and this is the sense of otherworldliness: a connection to things greater than physical senses humans are capable to observe.

Sixth sense technology enables people access the World Wide Web without the use of a screen, monitor or even a keyboard; any surface can be used as a display screen [1].

It is a hi-tech device that seamlessly integrates analog information with the activities of the real world [2].

As of now individuals use devices like computers, smart phones etc to acquire information required; with sixth sense individuals will use a device not bigger than the current smart phone and will eventually get much smaller to connect with the internet [3].

This technology will allow humans interact with the world like never before, in the past, this would have been described as a myth or something that could only happen in movies but with the help of this technology people will get information on anything and from any part of the world within a couple of seconds. Not only will people have the ability to interrelate or communicate with things on a different level but also with each other. The potential behind this technology is its capability to scan objects or even people and visualise this information on any surface [3].

With other devices, information is confined and trapped on a screen, in a desktop or a mobile device, the sixth sense breaks these constraints and brings information to the real world; rather than adjusting ourselves to gadgets sixth sense adjusts the machine to people and trains it to understand natural hand gestures. Technology is changing lives and the world at large.

Sixth sense technology is quite impressive; it brings a whole new meaning to the world.

With sixth sense, an individual can carry the digital world wherever one goes. Sixth sense is actually looking for an era that technology will merge with the physical world. The camera on the device not only understands or tracks hand gestures but also understand and recognises what is been held in the hand.

With the sense technology one does not need a computer. Integrating technology into our everyday objects will not only help in eliminating the gap between the two world's but will also help us to stay human, to be connected to the physical world. It will help humans not turn into machines; machines sitting in front of other machines.

Although the device has similarity with the Microsoft surface table; the major difference is that sixth sense device can use any surface as an interface. Another difference is that in mass production it will not cost more than the price of a cell phone and with time it will look more stylish.